Last minute mini session offer!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

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Oh I know you are out there, you last minute shoppers!
I so totally get it so here is something to satisfy all...
Mini session on sale!
Only five available so grab one while you can!

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Purchase links below:

*NOTE: All items are non-refundable, no exchanges, no substitutions, NO exceptions. US clients are subject to Pied Piper Photography's travel schedule. Arizona and California is usually visited in April, August and October. Fee applies to a family of five, additional persons are an extra cost.

London lady B....

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

There is nothing quite like photographing London and lovely people in it!
This fabulous darling is interning in London from the US and wanted the "Londoner" session!
It was so much fun photographing her in the epic Parliament Square all while it was her first time seeing it!
Welcome to London Lady B, may it be as magical as this day was.....

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Orphan project...

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Yet another project that I finally got to finish!
For some reason I thought that I blogged this a long time ago but it was nowhere to be found amongst my finished sets.
When I was younger, we all used to come in the house, covered in dirt, clothes gone to rags and messy as the day is long.
My mom used to say, "WHERE did these little orphan children come from!?"
It always made me laugh and I always envisioned myself looking a little like these guys below.
Being an "orphan" as a child created the most fun!

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Another Pied Piper project finished....Norman Rockwell The Gossips....

Friday, 11 July 2014

I've LONG loved Norman Rockwell's work.
I could look at those Saturday Evening Posts covers many times over!
I thought it would be fun to do my own version of The Gossips with my was SO much fun!

More projects coming....

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Finishing projects...the Pied Piper...

As we are slowing things down at Pied Piper Photography, gearing up for this baby, I am getting to some of my old projects! 
I wish I had done them not long after I shot them.
Particularly this "Pied Piper" shoot! I wanted to capture the name of my business and how it is also ME. I absolutely LOVE to photograph children, that above most else and so I wanted to GET THAT!
My perspective with my projects has changed as well as my style which is probably why I procrastinated them for so long...ahem three years ago! EEK!
These images are still joyous to me though...I am so grateful to a great team with The Beauty Mark and my dear friend Jen Roberts who listened to my crazy idea and my crazy voice shouting at her to shoot it!


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The British Summer Mini Session 2014...

Monday, 23 June 2014

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With the upcoming arrival of our fourth comes the much needed time to have and hold our new one.
Final full sessions have been scheduled but a last chance to grab some fabulous MINI SESSIONS before my maternity leave starts!
A great way to take advantage of the beautiful British weather and capture your loved ones!
Click on the link below to reserve and hold your mini session!
 Any questions feel free to email:

*please note: British Summer Mini Session is ONLY for UK clients | All items purchased are NON-REFUNDABLE | No exchanges, no substitutions, NO exceptions |

Precious sisters L & N....

So happy that Miss L is finally a big sister.
Long awaited baby N was worth that wait!
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